Legendary Collaboration: The Story of Analog Man and the EHX East River Drive

Analog Man’s dedication to “do pedals right” and expertise in optimizing the legendary TS-style overdrive circuit made him an obvious collaborator when EHX decided to expand its line of overdrives in 2013. Piera being a long-time friend of the company and kindred spirit of EHX’s Mike Matthews, whom both love to keep things independent and for the working musician, helped guide development of the East River Drive to be not just another TS overdrive. With inspiration from AnalogMan’s famed Silver Mod TS-808, the ERD sought to possess both an incredible tone and an incredible price. With the aid of a curated parts list and schematic from AnalogMan himself, Electro-Harmonix succeeded in making one of the best and most affordable iterations of the TS circuit ever.


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CORDOBA - Renesans Gitary Klasycznej

Cordoba to marka ze słonecznego wybrzeża Santa Monica w amerykańskim Stanie Kalifornia. Swoją działalność rozpoczęła w 1997 roku, kiedy Tim Miklaucic, założyciel firmy, postanowił przywrócić dawną świetność gitarom klasycznym, które coraz bardziej były pomijane na rzecz gitar akustycznych oraz elektrycznych.

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Bedell Guitars

Following the vision of owner Tom Bedell, Breedlove is committed to sustainability, with Made in Bend, Oregon, Organic Series and ECO Collection models using only clear-cut free, salvaged and individually harvested native and exotic tonewoods to preserve and protect the forest, its habitats and the communities it serves. Tom Bedell has personally visited forests around the world, meeting with suppliers, mills and local families to ensure best practices. This commitment requires no sacrifice in sound quality, build quality or beauty and we can trace every piece of wood in our USA guitars back to its exact origin.    ...więcej...

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Angela Christensen: Shaping Music with Breedlove

An acoustic guitar nerd through and through, Angela Christensen serves as head product designer for Breedlove. In the two decades since she started at Breedlove, Angela helped transform a boutique guitar workshop into a global brand that crafts some of the world’s finest acoustic guitars. From her humble beginnings as a cabinet maker to her current position as head product designer and lead wood buyer, Angela’s skill, experience, and wisdom have enabled her to craft a career unlike any other in the music busines. During Breedlove’s most recent trip to Sweetwater, Angela made time in her busy schedule to sit down with us and open up about her life, her work, and her passion for music and woodworking.    ...więcej...

Arsena: Empowering Independent Artists and Impressing Michael Jordan

Arsena: Empowering Independent Artists and Impressing Michael Jordan


Our featured artist for April needs only one name: Arsena. A longtime Breedlove player, we’ve enjoyed the good fortune of watching Arsena’s sound and career develop and progress for more than a decade. Over the past two years, many of us decided to shift the trajectory of our lives. Arsena’s new single, With or Without You, which anchors an upcoming album, Metamorphosis, gives voice to our collective angst, mourns all that we have lost and abandoned, and casts a glow of optimism toward whatever’s next. We recently sat down to discuss her new album, her entrepreneurial endeavors supporting independent artists, her top three breakup songs, and that one time a gig at a heavy metal dive bar led to a standing ovation from the Michael Jordan.



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