MusicNomad New Products
MusicNomad New Products

We are exciting to announce 3 new items to the expanding Fret Care Line!
MN822 - Fret Rocker

What if you could quickly and confidently check for fret issues, measure string action, and pickup height with one easy to use tool? Being able to diagnose fret levelness is the first step in fret care for any fretted instrument. MusicNomad’s Fret Rocker+ is packed with unmatched features & benefits. The high quality stainless steel is the perfect thickness at .07” (1.8mm), that’s 4 times thicker than our String Action Gauge, ensuring accurate diagnosis on all fretted instruments. Our unique continuous 5-axis CNC manufacturing process produces flawless flat edges with an accuracy tolerance of +/-.0015”/ft. We’ve designed our fret rocker with 5 edges to create a more balanced, easy to use shape that includes 4 different side lengths to find the side that lays across 3 frets. On top of accurate fret diagnosis, you can use the Fret Rocker+ to check string action and pickup height. We include measurements in inches, metric, and 64th that are easy to read with our innovative blue finish contrasted with deep etched white markings. That’s MusicNomad quality–raising the bar in equipment care.
MN840 - Fret Gauge:

Are you experiencing fret buzz? You may have uneven frets. Being able to evaluate your frets is the first step in fret care for all fretted instruments. MusicNomad’s Precision Fret Gauge is a must-have tool that will help you do it quickly and accurately. The gauge comes equipped with 4 key measurements for areas to diagnose: fret level, fret seating, fret height, and fret size. It’s perfect for electric, acoustic, classical & bass guitars and features laser etched markings and instructions printed on the handle, and works in tandem with MusicNomad’s Fret Rocker+. Lay fret rocker across 3 frets and check for gap using #1 feeler gauge. If you identify a high fret, check the seating with gauge #2. Need to know if your frets are high enough to level? Use gauge #3. Unsure if your guitar has wide, narrow, or medium frets? Use the notched handle to measure. This gauge’s premium stainless steel construction is free of the annoying, messy oil found on traditional feeler gauge sets. That’s MusicNomad quality - raising the bar in equipment care.
MN870 - Fret Rocker/Fret Gauge Bundle Fret Evaluation Kit: 

Kit includes everything you need to evaluate your frets and diagnose common fret issues: our Precision Fret Rocker+ and Fret Gauge Measuring Tool. The must-have Fret Level Care Kit is perfect for evaluating fret issues on new or used electric, acoustic or bass guitars.


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