In response to demand for a soft style practice pad version, but available at music retail, we have added the Zero Pad to the already popular Vater Chop Builder Pad product range.  ...dalej...

Play Like the Pros with Ford Thurston #2

Play Like the Pros with Ford Thurston #2

Intermediate Licks for Rock, Country, & Bluegrass


Nashville guitar icon and professional musician, Ford Thurston, is back for part two of this intermediate series on the fundamentals of rock, country, and bluegrass. In this video, Ford builds on the D, C, G chord progressions he explained in lesson 1, and teaches you some additional licks to tie them together. It’s amazing how three chords and a few killer licks can make you sound like a professional studio player. Missed video #1? No problem, watch it here.

Play Like the Pros: Ford Thurston—Foundational Chords and Runs for Rock, Country, and Bluegrass

Play Like the Pros: Ford Thurston—Foundational Chords and Runs for Rock, Country, and Bluegrass


Veteran Nashville session guitarist and Breedlove featured artist for March, Ford Thurston, has shared stages with many of the the icons of American music. In this two-part series, Ford explains a standard three chord progression used in rock, country, and bluegrass. He then shows some classic runs and licks. Put them all together (with a bit of practice) and even an intermediate player can sound like a seasoned studio pro.


Fingerpicking Fundamentals Lesson 2

Fingerpicking Fundamentals Lesson 2:

Learn to Play Led Zeppelin's Bron Aur Yr

 In lesson 1 of this series, Gretchen Menn explained essential techniques and terminology for learning or improving finger style guitar play. She also laid out a full two week lesson plan to get your hands warm and your mind-muscle connections strong.

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A Call to Creators

Jon Torrence wants you to create something beautiful. This brand new short film (very short, three minutes) taps into Jon's own experiences and implores you to recognize that you are, in fact, a creator.   ....dalej...

Elise Trouw Signature Vater Drumsticks


Elise Trouw is an incredible inspiration and acclaimed role model for young budding creatives and the growing female musician market world-wide. She is consistently praised by a long list of well-known and iconic musical peers.

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Introducing the EHX Mainframe Bit Crusher

Introducing the EHX Mainframe Bit Crusher


The new MAINFRAME is a sample rate reducer and bit crusher pedal which gives players the power to create "old school" digital audio sounds and fine tune their digital artifacts.

Check out this cool demo video to hear what it can do on guitar, bass, drums and synth!

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New SP-6 Nature just landed

This model is part of Nature series of guitars, with a natural finish, much better sound, very light, comfortable and easy to play.


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Ryan Leger Tribute to Tim Alexander

Ryan Leger Tribute to Tim Alexander

Vater Drumstick Artist Ryan Leger pays tribute to one of his major influences, fellow Vater Artist Tim Alexander of Primus! Ryan also talks about the various Vater models he uses and then performs Primus' "Too Many Puppies".
Ryan Leger's Tribute to Tim Alexander!
Tim Alexander Signature Model
2B sized grip and made from Sugar Maple for a lighter weight to move around the drums quickly. Small round tip for articulate cymbal definition.
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