Discover the Vater Drumsticks best for your sound by hearing them on a cymbal.
Discover the Vater Drumsticks best for your sound by hearing them on a cymbal.

It is often overlooked, or just not discussed enough, that you can change your cymbal/drum sound and volume by simply changing the stick model in your hands. It’s amazing how much the tip shape matters to the sound and feel, which is why Vater offers a very wide range of models…including finish, color, length, tip shape and wood options on so many models.

That being said, we dove in and have recorded every single Vater Drumstick model on a medium weight ride cymbal to give you a baseline of how each model sounds. Dig into the 200+ products at that already have these videos on their product pages. We are finishing up the rest of the files, so check back in again soon!

Our Tip Sounds Playlist also available at on our YouTube channel.


Choosing YOUR Drumsticks

The tip of a drum stick impacts the sound more than any other factor. A small tip will give you a bright, clean sound on the cymbals. A large tip will produce a warm, full tone. The other option to consider is nylon vs. wood. Neither is better or worse. If you want a bright, clean sound that will cut through guitars and bass then you want to go with a nylon tip. If you want a warmer, natural tone that will blend in with the surrounding sounds then you want to go with a wood tip.

Rich, dark tones with focused lows.

A full, fat sound. Very responsive.

A full punchy sound. Great for louder volume situations

A clean, bright and articulate sound

A broad, mid-range sound due to tip length

A brighter sound than wood tips. Added durability

Examples of Vater Tip Sound Demos

Go to to hear them all! Don't miss this FREE 5 day technique course from Vater Drumstick Artist Dimitri Fantini! In this free course, you'll learn: How to rebuild your technique from the ground up so that you are working with your body, rather than fighting against it. WHY the fundamentals create a better foundation for playing anything, and WHAT to look out for so that you aren't making mistakes that create injuries and playing limitations. How to work with the natural physics of your hands and sticks so that the drums practically play themselves.
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