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Music & Lights

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Music & Lights is a leader in the show business industry, its growth has been guided by the achievements of its brands on the global market and by the continuous efforts of a young and dynamic team. Our target is to offer creative and competitive solutions, supporting work of our customers. Quality and commercial seriousness are the values that in the meantime we pursue with consistency, availing ourselves of an open, fair and constructive communication.

GDE brand (General Distribution for Entertainment), identifies a wide line of tools and accessories, duly designed to meet the requirements of professionals dealing with events and installations in the entertainment industry. The several proposals of GDE catalogue - built according to standards of high
quality and reliability - are all aimed to technical service experts, to be used in live performance and installations as fairs, conventions and sport events. GDE catalogue offers equipment and accessories for electrical distribution, video systems, flight-case and hardware for assemblies.

Electric Distribution  Flightcase & Hardware Video Equipment
Powerboxy  19" rack flightcase  Projection screens
19'' assembled modules  Flightcase  AV brackets
Prefab power cables  19" rack panel and modules  
Lighting Bars  Plywood sheets / alluminium extrusions  
Bulk power cables  Catches / Hinges  
Multi-pin connectors  Handles / Corners  
CEE connectors  Wheel / Cabinet equipment  

Connectors / Adaptors

 Cabinet accessories / feet  

Switches & tools