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Music & Lights

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Music & Lights is a leader in the show business industry, its growth has been guided by the achievements of its brands on the global market and by the continuous efforts of a young and dynamic team. Our target is to offer creative and competitive solutions, supporting work of our customers. Quality and commercial seriousness are the values that in the meantime we pursue with consistency, availing ourselves of an open, fair and constructive communication.

Prolights product line for professional lighting is the result of a rigorous R&D process in technology supported by a strong impulse for innovation, having the aim of developing solutions excelling in all fields of entertainment and architectural lighting.
Careful selection of optics, mechanics and building materials is the basis of Prolights philosophy of development, allowing the achievement of a superior standard in performance, luminous efficiency, precision and reliability. Close relationship with professionals - LD, architects and photography directors - provides a valuable feedback inspiring development with their needs and their wishes, to deliver luminaires of surpassing quality and performance in the wide and creative environment of professional lighting.

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